Where We Fall Short When We Talk About Training the Brain

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We like thinking we can create a super brain ourselves and be the engineers of our cognitive capabilities. Research shows we can drastically improve our brains, that is, the working memory, which can feel like a life changing improvement.

We are living in a fascinating time of science and technology. Neuroscience and fMRI brain imaging is giving us an insight to the brain, the way we operate as human beings, and the potential for treatment and advancement of mankind that is unprecedented. Seemingly every day or so there is a new groundbreaking study which identifies a new part of the brain or a new brain function, revealing to us a new layer of our existence. Some have argued that neuroscience has explained away the soul, leaving all nuances of human behavior to computations of the brain. Others excitedly discuss the potential for curing disease of the medical and the psychological, even the social kind. In the process, we are learning how to tap into, manipulate, and improve our own brain functions.

Brain games are meant to help us develop our cognitive capabilities, which can deteriorate over time. Advertisements for brain improvement games and programs claim a number of promising benefits to help you and your brain get ahead of the curve. However, as Big Think reports, these claims aren’t substantiated.

Treatment for recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is full of varying therapies, healing modalities, and alternative methods to help reduce the cravings for drug and alcohol addiction. The ultimate claim is abstinence from relapse. Most of these practices are evidence-based, proven through scientific research to be effective for a majority of people. However, the responsibility to prevent relapse comes down to each man who is seeking recovery in his life. Every day, every moment, he is actively choosing not to pick up a drink or a drug. All the brain games, therapies, and healing modalities in the world fall to the way side when he decides that drug and alcohol are the solution he is looking for. When a program of recovery that heals the brain, the body, and the soul is created and adhered to, the likelihood of relapse significantly decreases. Part of the reason is, he is actively training the brain and using his working memory to keep all of the lessons, inspirations, memories, and healing fresh in his mind.

Working memory is where the information we need to use immediately is stored. All of the information which is supposed to contribute to the sustainability of men’s recovery from addiction could be considered that immediate kind of information.


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