Why Holistic Treatment Works

Why Holistic Treatment Works

In Addiction, Treatment by Tree House Recovery

Pretty much everything that’s great in life is great because it’s multi-dimensional. It speaks to us, stimulates us, or excites us in more ways than one, and we love it so much because, whether we know it or not, our bodies respond best when they’re in sync. Take something like video games, for instance. What makes us like them so much? We enjoy the action, the competition, and the ability to, even if only for an hour or two, suspend our belief and pretend we’re the little character we’re controlling on the screen. Those are three distinct feelings, but they all give us distinct pleasures that combine for a pretty awesome experience.

Treatment for our addictions works in the exact same way. In order to be truly successful, treatment has to engage our senses and our feelings on more than just a few levels. After all, we’re multifaceted people, and addiction is a multifaceted illness. To get the wins we want and beat addiction, we have to be able to stimulate our minds, train and nurture our bodies, and feed our spirits.

Holistic treatment works because it takes a few concepts and spreads them out over a thousand different areas of our lives. The hard work and exercise we do helps us keep our bodies in shape and discipline ourselves, the writing we do helps us exercise our minds, and the group therapy and yoga we do helps us connect the two.

Here at Tree House Recovery in particular, we believe that we’re all made up of many interconnected parts, and that if we don’t treat these parts as cohesive units, we run the risk of missing something vital in our recovery. Detox, for instance, is physical, but detox without dealing with the mental strife that may have caused our substance use in the first place is practically ineffective. It’s only when we combine the two that we start to see some amazing results.

Going through addiction treatment takes mental resolve and physical fortitude, so it makes sense that we need to train and treat both in order to see the results we want. Let’s be honest, treatment can be draining, and we don’t want to waste our time by not being physically or mentally prepared everyday. Holistic treatment helps us make sure that, as a whole, we’re improving everyday, and that we’re taking all areas of our lives and psyches into account to make sure we get the best results.

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