Winter Produce in the Pacific Northwest

Winter Produce in the Pacific Northwest

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We all know it: Portland gets cold. Really cold. For many of us, the cold, wet winters here are something we’ve come to expect as a fact of life, and truth be told, the other seasons are so nice that a less-than-ideal winter climate isn’t actually all that bad.

One of the benefits of the winter weather here is the abundance of seasonal fruits and vegetables that sprout up. As men in recovery, it’s important that we remember that maintaining a healthy diet is a large part of taking care of our bodies and minds. Preparing fresh foods that are in season allow us to maintain that diet, and add some variety every now and then. Eating a healthy diet of varied fruits and vegetables gives us the healthy energy we need physically, and keeps our minds in top shape to tackle whatever life throws at us.

A few great vegetables to pick up this winter include brussels sprouts, cabbage and spinach. These dark, leafy greens provide key minerals and vitamins like iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. These kinds of vegetables are great to pack into a post-workout salad, or to blend for a healthy green drink. The benefits we can get from these three simple vegetables are plentiful, and they only take a second to cook if you want to eat them more often.

For something a little different but just as healthy this winter season, try mixing things up with some cauliflower, turnips, and leeks. We often think of cauliflower as little more than white broccoli, but they’re actually two different vegetables, with completely different health benefits. Cauliflower is known to be an excellent source of fiber and vitamins, and can work wonders for our cardiovascular and bone health. As for turnips and leeks, they’re both super foods that can go with anything from salad to steak. Leeks are super rich in antioxidants, kaempferol, and vitamins, and can help our bodies fight off free radicals. Turnips, on the other hand, are loaded with fiber and over ten unique vitamins and minerals. They’re also an excellent source of phosphorus and omega-3 fatty acids.

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