Your Sober Guide To The Oregon Country Fair

Your Sober Guide To The Oregon Country Fair

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It’s that time of year. Every year, Oregon’s country fair brings weird and wonderful music, people, vibes, food, and artisans.

Foodies Rejoice

Welcome to your food haven. With over 80 food vendors and every kind of food you can imagine, there’s no alcohol necessary to indulge in incredibly tasty local food. The fair will boast multicultural cuisine for every palate, healthy snacks, raw food, Belgian waffles, and artisanal tea, to name a few. Whether you’re a raw vegan or a meat-loving foodie, there’s something for everyone. Pro tip: Some fair favorites include the Frisco chicken sandwich and the Bangkok Grill’s pad thai with peanut sauce.

The Best and Weirdest Artisans in the PNW

The Oregon Country Fair will be home to more than 300 artisan booths including crystals, bath products, arts of all sorts, musical instruments, massage and bodywork, jewelry, and body art. There is truly something for your every whim and absolutely zero alcohol required to have a blast getting to know some of the Pacific Northwest’s most creative, talented, and unique small businesses.

Music and Events: From Metalsmithing to Vaudeville Acts

With 19 stages filled with every kind of music you can imagine, dancing and singing in the middle of the lush Oregonian summer is a perfect way to get weird and wild while staying sober at the fair. Some highlights include vaudeville acts, aerial circus-like experiences, jam bands, and poetry slams. From spoken word poetry showcases to art classes to hide tanning, you can learn any weird skill you’ve ever wondered about and stay totally sober in the process. You won’t want to miss the opening ceremony, which will celebrate the fair’s 50th year with the blessing of the elders. It will be spiritual, entertaining, and celebratory. Hit the main stage at 11:30 am on Friday, July 12th and start the sober party with the best of them. From there, let your heart take you wherever it wants to go for the next two and a half days of wild Oregonian sober fun.


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