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10 Daily Habits For Recovery: Everything From Hygiene To Nutrition

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Recovery isn’t something you do once. Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is something you do every day. Here’s how:


  • Have a morning hygiene ritual that means more than waking up and brushing your teeth. Morning hygiene starts with the way that you wake up and what you do when you wake up. For example, waking up and doing some stretches or spending a few minutes in mindful meditation is better than waking up and scrolling through news, emails, or social media platforms. Getting out of bed, making your bed, and having a morning routine all contributes to morning hygiene.
  • You are what you eat so make good choices when it comes to your diet and nutrition. Every day is an opportunity to feed your body the right ingredients so it can perform like the machine that it is. The food you put in your body dictates your energy, your focus, your mood, and your performance in physical activity. Not only are you what you eat, you do what you eat. To do life in a big way, you need to eat the right way.
  • Feed your mind as much as your body by practicing mindfulness and meditation. Mindfulness and meditation are proven techniques for nourishing the mind in a tangible way. Both mindfulness and meditation have been extensively researched. Findings have revealed that these practices increase grey matter in the brain, strengthen synapses, and create more room for learning.
  • Spend time journaling: Journaling is much more than “Dear Diary”. William Pennebaker studied a group of students who regularly journaled and found the process to be therapeutic and cathartic.
  • Practice gratitude: Gratitude is the attitude of recovery, it is said. When you lose sight of gratitude, you lose sight of how far you have come on your journey and how much you have grown. Recovery is not a promise for immunity from the ups and downs in life. In fact, recovery is a front row ticket to everything life has to offer- the good and the bad. However, being present for life, without mind-altering substances, is the ultimate gift of recovery for which you can be very grateful.
  • Exercise: Exercise and fitness are essential for men who are seeking recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Moving your body is proven to making you feel better mentally, physically, and emotionally.
  • Get outdoors: Spending all day inside wears down on your mental health. Recovery has given you the ability to feel the sunshine, appreciate the sky, and quite literally stop to smell the roses. Getting outdoors for part of the day is proven to improve wellness, feelings of satisfaction, and serenity by reducing stress.
  • Do something for others: Recovery is the gift of life. Returning that gift to others is an important part of daily recovery. Do something for others through small acts of selflessness, generosity, conscientiousness, and kindness.
  • Do something for yourself: All of these daily habits might seem like things you are doing for yourself. There are special ways that each person in recovery feels their most relaxed, happy, comfortable, inspired, or safe. Each day, do one small thing for yourself that is just for you in who you are as a person as opposed to what you need or what you have to do.
  • Stay sober: The most important thing you can do for your recovery on a daily basis is stay sober. By refusing to pick up another drink or a drug, you give yourself the daily freedom to live your life without limitations.


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