The Superfood Swap: What You Can Eat Instead

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Superfoods are all the rage in the world of health and wellness, diet and nutrition. These foods are at the top of their class when it comes to their benefits for mind, body, and digestion. Diet and nutrition has been all about the kale and almonds for the last few years but the superfood movement is educating the masses on how richly beneficial other foods can be. If you’re getting tired of the same old healthy meals, try a few of these superfood swaps.


  • Switch lettuce for arugula or cabbage: Greens like romaine, kale, and spinach, all have their own benefits for diet and nutrition. However, sticking to the same greens for a salad can get boring or repetitive. For a fresh take on color, texture, and crunch, try switching out your normal greens for superfoods like arugula or cabbage. Arugula is a cruciferous green, putting it in the same family is broccoli and cauliflower. You might not think of salads as an opportunity for fats, but arugula is a surprising source of omega-3 fatty acids. Consuming a high quantity of omega-3’s is recommended for men in recovery because they promote healing in the brain and brain functioning. Cabbage is most often associated with asian dishes or coleslaw but can be used for the base of a salad as well. High in vitamin C good for preventing early recovery colds, and vitamin K good for maintaining energy, Cabbage is a high fiber choice for salads.
  • Switch croutons for pistachios: Croutons are crunchy carbs that make little difference the nutritional benefit of a dish. If you aren’t replacing croutons on a salad with pistachios, you can try replacing any kind of crunch on any kind of dish with the little green nut. Pistachios are a healthy way to get monounsaturated fats, which the body needs small amounts of each day.
  • Switch chicken for salmon or tuna: Chicken and other lean meats are great for cutting calories from fattier meats like beef and lamb. However, few proteins provide the nutritional benefit of salmon or tuna which are high in those necessary omega-3’s helping fuel the body with healthy fats.
  • Switch berries for pineapple: Berries are rich antioxidants and can be used for all kinds of delicious recipes from nonalcoholic beverages to smoothies, dinners, and desserts. Sometimes the taste of berries can get a little stale. When you start craving a sweet treat, switch your fruit to pineapple instead. Bold in flavor and tantalizingly sweet, pineapple is loaded with superfood benefits for men. Pineapple is just as rich in antioxidants as blueberries. Unlike pineapple’s berry friends, the sweet fruit holds enough vitamin C to meet the daily quota and has manganese, as well as thiamine, which produces energy for getting through all the day’s tasks, like working out. Bromelain, one of pineapple’s enzymes, has anti-inflammatory properties as well.


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