A Guide to Non-Attachment and How It Can Help Recovery

A Guide to Non-Attachment and How It Can Help Recovery

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Non-attachment is originally a Buddhist concept that involves releasing over-attachment to outcomes and the material world. When we live in a state of non-attachment, we are able to let go of the need for control over the present moment and future outcomes. We can take things as they come and enjoy the experience. Non-attachment allows us to let go of control, release the suffering that comes along with trying to manipulate or worry about the outcome of an event and live more fully in the moment. Even though we must be active participants in our lives and recovery, we also have to remember that we can’t control everything. 

Apathy Vs. Non-attachment

Detachment, apathy, or indifference are very different from non-attachment. When we are detached or apathetic, we don’t care about the present moment. We can become blase, numb, or inattentive. We stop being active participants in our recovery. Non-attachment, on the other hand, is about being fully entrenched in the moment. We are invested in our recoveries and we still feel pain, love, and passion. This state of mind simply allows us to avoid attachment to specific outcomes and living in the future. We relinquish some control and grasping and embrace freedom, confidence, and presence.

How Can We Practice Non-attachment in Recovery?

When we employ the use of non-attachment in our recovery practices, we can step more fully into the “living life one day at a time” adage. We can enjoy life on life’s terms. Additionally, non-attachment teaches us that when we try to control certain outcomes, we miss the journey. Enjoy the journey of recovery and know that it’s an ever-unfolding process, rather than an event or a destination. Mistakes happen along the way. When we practice non-attachment, we can recognize our mistakes and negative thought patterns and get back on the horse, as opposed to dwelling in sorrow and sliding into old patterns. Ultimately, non-attachment allows us to experience the joys and sorrows of life with greater clarity.


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