Benefits of Cold Weather Training

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The winter is no excuse to stay indoors, stick to the gym, or give up your exercise routine all together. Training in the cold weather has many benefits for your mind, your body, and your performance.

Moving through exercise helps beat seasonal affective disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a form of depression that can settle in during the winter or the summer months. People who have a hard time adjusting to time change and a transition in the season might develop symptoms similar to those of other depressive disorders. Many people experience symptoms of SAD without being diagnosed with it. Shorter daylight hours means less exposure to the sun and an earlier production of melatonin, the brain’s natural sleep aid which starts producing around dusk. Exercise is a proven and effective treatment for feelings of depression. Getting outside is a benefit to training in the weather as is the amount of feel-good endorphins you will be creating as you move through the cold.

Outdoor training gives you extra protection against flu season

Hot plus cold is supposed to equal sick. Sweating outside and forcing your body into the elements is actually a way to improve the immune system and fight against seasonal viruses like the flu. Your body is forced to fight harder against the cold, which encourages the immune system to strengthen.

Helps you perform better by enhancing your lung capacity

Athletes regularly retreat to the cold in high altitude climates to train. Running in the cold has been proven by the Northern Arizona University to add 29% to running speed. Starting a running routine is beneficial in the winter time. Your lungs have to work hard to take in more oxygen from the cold air.

Burn more energy and fat

Your lungs aren’t the only part of your body working extra hard when you train in the winter. Your body is constantly working to keep your core warm. When you are exposed to the harsh elements of the winter, your body has to burn more energy in order to keep your core and the rest of your body warm. As a result, you burn more fat, creating a leaner figure.

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