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Brotherhood: The Power of a Team in Addiction Recovery

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By Brent Botros Tree House Staff

Some people call it a team; others call it a tribe. There are many different terms that represent a strong connection between yourself and a group of people with common lifestyles, interests, goals, and principles. Before I became a part of the brotherhood that I’m a part of today, I had friends and family that I was close with. I grew up with a pretty tight knit group of friends, but everyone went their separate ways during college and while starting a career. During the worst parts of my addiction, I separated myself from my friends and family. I lost all connections between myself and others and began to isolate. I neglected to see that connection between others was one of the greatest contributing factors to my personal health and well-being. I still had not found people that I could connect with like the group I have in my life today. So, when I became a part of my current brotherhood, a lot of positive things began to happen in my life.

Being a part of this brotherhood has shown me a lot about myself and others. By utilizing the strengths of those around me, I have grown personally and overcame challenges that I could not have overcame on my own. I have learned how to contribute my strengths and attributes to help others as well. I’ve learned patience and humility as well. I’ve also learned that no matter what challenge is presented to me, I can overcome it with the help of those around me. And no matter what I’m going through personally, I can always call on one of my brothers to have my back, and vice versa.

If we take a look back at when ancient civilizations were forming, they all began with a tribe of people working together. As time progressed, more people began developing the idea that you should stand for yourself and be independent. Through this idea, isolation began to grow. And, I’m standing here today not saying that anyone should be independent, nor should they be dependent; they should rather be connected, working together and being together.

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