Fighting Our Addiction MMA-style

Fighting Our Addiction MMA-style

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If there was any time two things were supposed to work in tandem, it would be in the relationship between mind and body. It’s no secret that we enjoy a number of benefits in addiction treatment when we exercise the mind, and exercising the body gives us the discipline, fortitude, and strength to get the most out of treatment and therapy sessions.

Exercising the mind and body together makes us a well-oiled machine, but here at Tree House Recovery, our men stay even more fit for treatment with high-intensity, MMA-style workouts that don’t just keep them in shape, but push their bodies to the limit and allow them to achieve new heights in fitness.

There’s a method to the madness of high intensity workouts. MMA and high intensity workouts in treatment allow us to connect with each other and bond over shared challenges and the effort of overcoming them. Mentally, MMA exercises help strengthen the parts of the brain responsible for human interaction. The hard work required to complete such intense workouts primes our body and our mind to tackle the rest of the treatment modalities, and gives us confidence that we can handle anything else that might come our way.

When we’re addicted, it can be hard for us to overcome challenges. Our minds are controlled by whatever substance we’ve been using, and, for the most part, so is our will. The great thing about fighting our addiction MMA-style is that we get to defeat challenges every day, and in doing so, we remind ourselves that we have incredible power to do incredible things in our recovery, if we only put our minds to it, have patience, and rely on our brothers for support.

Another true gift we get from fighting our addiction MMA-style is, simply put, a physical outlet. As men, sometimes we need something more than just talking about what we’re going through. While it’s great to get our feelings out in words, sometimes there’s so much hurt, anger, or just raw emotion welled up inside of us that we need some physicality. MMA gives us that physical outlet we need in a controlled environment, and gives us the confidence we need to excel in other modalities of the treatment process.

Tree House Recovery is a premier addiction treatment center in Portland, Oregon that offers a whole new way for men to conquer addiction. Through stimulating, high intensity mental and physical workouts, we provide a number of ways for men to beat their addictions and transition back into the world in better shape than they’ve ever been before. Call us at (503) 850-2474 to see how we can help you today!