Getting in Touch with Creativity: Tips and Tricks

Getting in Touch with Creativity: Tips and Tricks

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Creativity simply means engaging our imaginations. As kids, we do this naturally. Unfortunately, adulthood tends to put a damper on our right brains. Creativity and imagination can offer support and joy in our recovery and our lives. The word “creativity” has an intense connotation. We think that you need to be a self-described artist to be creative. The truth is, we are all creative beings and life is more vibrant when we recognize our innate creative potential! Here are ways to get in touch with your inner creativity. We promise you’re creative!

Move your body. Movement is an awesome way to get the creativity flowing. Dance, swim, jog, or do some yoga. Whatever kind of movement you choose, try to stay present at the moment. Create space after your movement for some writing, drawing, or meditation.

Cultivate childlike wonder. Remember when we were kids and everything was magical and strange? The Zen masters call it “beginner’s mind” and there’s a reason they’re masters. Cultivating this childlike attitude as an adult is one of the key factors in engaging creativity. Whether you’re going for a walk, doing the dishes, or hanging out with friends, try to approach the situation with new eyes. Instead of judging or assuming that you know the answer, get curious about it. Ask questions. Take it all in. 

Collaborate. Studies show that social interactions boost creativity. Spend time with friends and work on a project together. Brainstorm, bounce ideas off of one another or go look at some local art. Collaboration and creativity go hand-in-hand.

Get quiet and create space to daydream. When we pack our days full of duties and obligations, we leave very little space for creativity, playfulness, and wonder. Carve out some time, even if it’s just twenty minutes, to daydream, get quiet, and let your mind wander. This expansive space is where creativity blossoms.

Write or draw. Write in a journal or create a drawing. Don’t worry about your level of artistic skill or the way your writing sounds. The act of getting your thoughts and imagination out into the world is a creative process and will get those imaginative juices flowing. 


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