Giving Thanks: Gratitude In Recovery

Giving Thanks: Gratitude In Recovery

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As we anticipate gathering our thoughts on Thanksgiving and finding everything we can to be grateful for, we realize the metaphor of the cornucopia on this festive holiday. Our lives are overflowing with bounty and endless things for which we can give thanks. Men in recovery are especially gifted with a bounty of life’s wonders because they quite literally overcome the fine line of death and step faithfully back into the path of living. Taking to a life in sobriety is taking to a life of bravery, intention, dignity, and hard work. Getting and staying sober is not an easy path, but it is a worthwhile, transformative path which yields remarkable results. Every single day is an opportunity for men to find gratitude for their lives in sobriety, for the simplest of things and for the most grand of things. However, with the emphasis of thanks with the Thanksgiving Holiday, it helps to recognize just some of the many things to be thankful for with another year’s holiday upon us.

Give Thanks For Your Sobriety

When the days you have sober start building up, it is easy to forget that not too long ago, your life wasn’t quite like this. Returning to a normal state of living and functioning can start to feel like this is how life has been all along, minus that one interruption during active using. Today, give thanks for your sobriety, the foundation of everything good in your life today. If you were still using actively, you would still be struggling, suffering, and sick, beyond what you can imagine today. Living under the influence of drugs and alcohol is living in another dimension entirely. Today, you’re in the present moment because you’re sober and that’s something to be extremely thankful for.

Give Thanks For Your Recovery

Recovery isn’t easy. Taking a look at every part of yourself, working to change what needs to be changed, and having the bravery to admit what needs to be changed, then the courage to stand up, show up, and work to create that change is a cycle of fearlessness which does not cease for the recovering man. Recovery is more than something you do to get and stay sober. Your recovery is your way of living, from what you eat for breakfast to how you handle your emotions throughout the day. Recovery guides you through every moment of your waking life and steers you clear of turning in your sobriety for relapse. Even on days when your recovery is challenging, you can find thanks for the mere fact that you’re alive, you’re sober, and you’re up for the challenge.

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