How and Why To Keep an Open Mind

How and Why To Keep an Open Mind

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We often hear about the importance of keeping an open mind and avoiding judgment. Keeping an open mind has myriad benefits for recovery and overall well-being. Let’s take a look at how to keep an open mind and some of the positive changes that spring from this mindset shift.

How to Keep Your Mind Open

In recovery, we know that complacency can be a threat to our sobriety. Complacency happens when we think we’ve learned everything there is to learn about recovery and we stop approaching recovery with rigor and curiosity. Likewise, when we think we have all the answers, we lose out on the wonderful things that can happen when we keep our minds open. You probably know the feeling of being around someone with a closed mind. They’re often judgmental and speak in statements rather than questions. Perhaps they have the feeling that they have all the answers. The beautiful thing about life (and recovery) is that there is always more to learn and each individual offers a fresh new perspective. Keep your mind open by adopting an attitude of curiosity, rather than certainty. Remember that innate wonder that we experienced as kids? That’s the path towards open-mindedness. 

Benefits of Keeping an Open Mind

Living in a state of curiosity and openness allows us to relinquish control. Like in recovery, we admit that we are sometimes powerless. We loosen the grip on our minds and let the universe pour in. You’ll also be likely to learn a lot more about yourself and others. Quite simply: you’ll notice an easier, more carefree attitude towards life. Life gets pretty drab when we think we know it all. Let’s open our minds to the many possibilities all around us and in turn, learn more about ourselves, others, and our recovery journeys. 


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