Living One Day at a Time

Living One Day at a Time

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We hear this expression often. In fact, it’s become somewhat of a catchphrase: “Live one day at a time” or “living in the moment” or even “live every day as if it were your last.” While this is valuable advice, we hear it so often that it’s easy to forget the real meaning behind the phrase “living one day at a time.” What does it mean and how can we use this adage as a way to boost our recovery process?

The Origins of One Day at a Time

The Big Book uses the phrase “live one day at a time” and within the context of AA, originally meant that each individual has a daily obligation to their sobriety. It’s a way to ease the abstract largeness of “staying sober forever”, which, especially in early recovery, can seem impossible or daunting. When we re-commit to staying sober each day, we’re able to live in the present moment while also providing ourselves and our sobriety with the spiritual and mental commitment required.

Staying Present in Recovery

It’s incredibly important to stay present during the recovery process. When we get caught up in the drudgery of the past or hopes and fears about the future, our minds begin to wander from the present moment. Recovery teaches us that the present moment is the most important thing and in fact, is in some ways, all we have. Mindfulness practices such as meditation and mindful walking can help train our minds to live more fully, entrenching ourselves in each moment.

Making the Commitment

Making the commitment to your recovery every day means staying open and honest, keeping a positive attitude wherever possible, and taking things as they come. To live one day at a time is an incredibly rewarding and worthwhile pursuit, for our recoveries, growth, and happiness.


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