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Mindfulness In Nature

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“In every walk with nature,” nature enthusiast and contributor to the National Park system John Muir once wrote, “one receives far more than he seeks.” He felt that “The clearest way into he Universe is through a forest wilderness.” Every man must take time to be in nature, where he can be cleansed, restored, and rejuvenated.


When we get out of our ‘natural environment’ and into our ‘natural environment’ our perspective changes

An immediate awareness when mindfully settling into hiking a trail through nature is how different this experience feels compared to the experiences we have everyday. There aren’t any buildings. We aren’t encapsulated in walls of a car, an office, a store, or a home. The grid of life, outlined by streets and plazas, buildings and neighborhoods, are gone. Linear living, an illusion we fall for at home, is replaced by the lush and natural landscape of the wilderness- even in a curated and maintained public park. There aren’t computers, lights, and machines. We aren’t consumed by our phone, at least, we shouldn’t be in nature. We become aware that we are connected to everything in our life as we become more connected to the trees and sky around us. This connection feels good. This connection feels better. Mindfulness in nature enhances our ability to notice how we feel in nature then bring that awareness into our environment outside of nature.

Paying attention to our bodies, we recognize what we are capable of

Performance and productivity are different from our city lives to our lives in nature. what we are capable of in our recovery is reflected when we pay attention to what we’re capable of in nature. We get to the top of the summit. We navigate challenging conditions. We survive on what we have, adequately support ourselves, and act independently. If we are capable of this, of surviving in the elements, we are capable of of staying sober and creating a life of freedom.


Inspired by Awe

Nature is awe-inspiring. In the Pacific Northwest, we are blessed with some of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes. Recovery is inspiring. The opportunity to live every day without the crippling use of drugs and alcohol is inspiring. Mindfulness in nature allows us to see we aren’t much different from the lush green trees, the towering mountains, and the forest floor. we are part of it all and we are amazed.


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