Nature Makes You Feel Handsome

Nature Makes You Feel Handsome

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Nature is astoundingly beautiful. You are part of nature. That makes you astoundingly beautiful as well. If you don’t believe it, you might be struggling with some level of body image issues. According to new research, all you have to do is turn to nature to reverse that thinking and realize you too are a beautiful part of nature.

Body Image published a study recently which evidenced that spending time in “green spaces”, any kind of green saturated nature, can help individuals cultivate a more positive sense of body image. Many studies have been conducted in previous years which found a relationship between spending time in nature and improved body image. In psychological research, there is something called “causation”, which directly links one thing to cause another. These previous studies made great assumptions and found significant evidence, but did not find causality between spending time in green spaces and improved body image. This most recent research actually validated the fact that spending time in nature can cause better body image.

Through multiple studies, the researchers made a few different discoveries. First, according to Psychology Today, the researchers verified that just viewing pictures of nature can increase positivity for certain components of body image including body satisfaction and body appreciation. Second, researchers found that walking for half an hour in a natural environment also increased body appreciation- more so than just looking at pictures of green spaces. Lastly, they found that people who spent time in a green park, doing any sort of activity in that green area, increased body appreciation as well.

Body appreciation is important to body image. If men can’t appreciate the body that they have, they are not likely to feel good about that body, as the logic would go. Many men come to treatment disconnected from their bodies as a result of addiction, even if they’ve been playing sports, working out, and using their bodies in different ways.

At Tree House Recovery, we help men push their body to its physical limits, building a physique and a capacity like they’ve never known. Physical fitness is part of our mental and physical wellness components for our comprehensive approach to treatment. Men in our program graduate feeling limitless in their abilities for life, having created a sustainable recovery through sustainable change. Call us today for information on how you or a man in your life can find freedom from addiction today: (503) 850-2474