Music Therapy For Summer

Music Therapy For Summer

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Music in Portland is part of its thriving heart beat. While the summer sun is shining, people are flocking to outdoor venues for live music. Thanks to Portland’s diverse culture, there are many music events to choose from, ranging among a list of music genres. Portland is a place where you can find blues and punk, country and techno, latin pop and electronic dance music, all in one place- often with the same people attending all of the shows. Since Oregon has a unique culture of craft brewing, ciders, and wine, you’ll be hard pressed to find a music event free of alcohol, and possibly drugs. Part of learning to live in recovery is learning to live in acceptance that drugs and alcohol are part of culture. They don’t, however, have to be part of your culture. Going to music festivals with sober friends encourages your friendships and ability to explore all that life has to offer. You can dance, you can jam, you can observe, you can chat- you can be around drugs and alcohol without having to take part. Though attending music festivals may be challenging in the beginning when faced with temptations, being around mind altering substances will get easier over time.

Summer is an opportune season for learning how to play an instrument. In a city like Portland, you might be able to find people who hold free jam sessions in local parks, full of instruments to try playing. Some music teachers might offer free or discounted classes for summer knowing that students are out of school and looking for something to do. Being a city full of diverse talents, if you have something to offer a musician, you can likely work out a trade for musical classes.

Playing music is beneficial for mind and body, helping heal the connection between the two while individually strengthening each. Many men in recovery find solace, identity, and expression through music, giving voice to parts of themselves which have not yet found the strength to speak.

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