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Things You Learn About Yourself at Tree House: Part One

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The Tree House man stands tall with confidence and ability. Having gained the skills he needs to live free from addiction, he is distinct. This is part one in a series of what you learn about yourself at Tree House in your journey to becoming a member of an elusive breed of man- a Tree House man.

You Learn Your Body is a Machine

Your body is a biological machine built for endurance, strength, and survival. Many men continue “taking care of themselves” when they are actively addicted to drugs and alcohol. However, the debilitating and destructive effects of drugs and alcohol interfere with the true potential of the body. The male body is tremendously full of capability in developing physique and ability. When men at Tree House begin their physical training through ABIT military style training, exercise therapy, yoga, and outdoor excursions, men connect to a new world. At once, physical training opens up a man to the world of possibility within himself and outside of himself. Participating in triathlons, Tough Mudder endurance races, immersive nature experiences, and regular training, men at Tree House build their strength physically as well as mentally. Engaging in physical challenges requires engaging in a mental challenge. Overcoming fear, moving through obstacles, setting and achieving goals takes a sharpened mentality focused on success. By the time a man graduates our program, he is in what is likely the best physical shape of his life. Prepared to take on the world, a Tree House man walks confidently in the direction of his dreams, free from the confines of addiction.

You Learn You Can Live Sustainably

Living in active addiction and alcoholism is not sustainable. Fully developed chemical dependency negates the ideas of sustainability because nothing lasts in a sustainable way. For example, when a man reaches a threshold of tolerance, he needs more drugs and alcohol to achieve the same or a greater feeling of intoxication, as well as euphoria. Once a tolerance has been reached, the bar is consistently raised. Like chasing a growing shadow with the setting sun, a man finds himself on an unstoppable treadmill of addiction. Highs last for shorter amounts of time. Symptoms of withdrawal in between happen faster and more intensely than before. Old systems of rationing the amount of substances to use no longer work because he needs more and more. Sustainability is the opposite. At Tree House, we teach men how to create sustainable change in their lives. From our sustainably built facility in Portland to learning about sustainable living, the theme and metaphor of “the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level” is persistent. Men learn to maintain their sobriety and recovery as a foundation in their life supporting the pursuit of living.


Sustainable change for a sustainable recovery. Tree House Recovery, a men’s residential treatment program in Portland, Oregon, offers men freedom from addiction. Long term plans are available. Call us today for information: (503) 850-2474

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