Trees: A Meditation on Nature, Oxygen, and Summer

Trees: A Meditation on Nature, Oxygen, and Summer

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The trees of Oregon are truly poetic in their immensity and gentleness. Trees are ancient and have been around far longer than we have. They see it all as they live through the seasons, shedding their leaves and growing them back. They have plenty of lessons for us. In the summer months, they’re green, oxygen-rich, and in the full glory of lushness. This is a meditation on connecting with one of the most mystical parts of the Pacific Northwest: the trees. One of the best ways to enjoy this meditation is to record yourself reciting it (feel free to reword or add your own flare) and listen to it while seated in a comfortable position or lying down. Practice this guided meditation before sinking into your own meditation, before bed, or as a peaceful way to begin the day.

Find a quiet place to sit or lie down as you begin to breathe in through the nose and out through the nose. Focus on the rhythm of your inhales and exhales as you clear your mind.

Call to mind an image of a tree. Let it come to you and don’t think too hard about which specific tree you choose. Take in the energy of the tree, noticing its details, bark, leaves, and height.

Now imagine the roots of the tree deep in the ground. Imagine the intricate root system that is connected with all of the other root systems of neighboring trees. Inhale, exhale.

Make your way up the trunk of the tree, noticing its intricate patterns and textures. Note any imperfects. Imagine all of the things the tree has seen and withstood during its long life. Inhale, exhale.

Imagine the branches of the tree and all of the green leaves sprouting from those branches. Let your mind trace the twists and turns of the branches as you focus on your breath.

Breathe in the clean air that the tree leaves offer you. Feel the texture and beauty of the leaves. 

Repeat this meditation, focusing on the roots of the tree all the way up to the branches. Expand your meditation to the ground around the tree and the sun, if you’d like.


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