Volunteering For Summer

Volunteering For Summer

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Some men are able to dive into a career or back into their old life after recovery. More often than not, men need time to adjust to living sober. Many men choose what are called “soft jobs”- easy occupations which pose little to no threatening challenge. It isn’t that men aren’t capable of taking on harder, more complex jobs. It is that the recovering brain is fragile, vulnerable to stress. In particular, the stress of ego, confidence, and fear can be especially overwhelming to a man who is in the early stages of recovery. Men do need something to do with their time as sitting idly by in isolation is just as much of a stressful threat. If men are able to spend their time volunteering instead of working a soft job, they can gain more than an income check. Men who spend time volunteering gain valuable life experiences by giving back to others.

Portland is a smaller city by comparison, but no less full of opportunities to volunteer and give back. Socioeconomic differences make a strong contrast in Portland and many outlying communities, especially further out into the country. There are many opportunities to give back to the people who give so much to what makes Portland and the state of Oregon great.

Oregon is full of diverse nature as well as diverse people. From National Parks to National Monuments, state and local parts to federal reserves, to research organizations or volunteer groups, there are innumerable ways to get involved with nature. You can find some volunteer gigs that include room and board in some of Oregon’s most remote, pristine nature. Working with others who are passionate about planet earth is inspiring and connects you to like minded people outside your immediate world of sobriety.

Food, science, history, and culture are also important parts of what makes Oregon special. You can find volunteer opportunities from kitchens to science museums or research centers. Historical societies, preservation societies, and cultural groups are often in need of volunteers as well.

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