Communication: Taking a Look at How You Communicate With Yourself and Others

Communication: Taking a Look at How You Communicate With Yourself and Others

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We’re constantly communicating. Whether we’re texting with a friend, participating in a 12-step meeting, or exchanging glances with a friend from across a room, communication is one way that we move through the world. In recovery, we learn that there are healthy and unhealthy modes of communication. We work to cultivate new, sustainable, and generous ways of communicating to ourselves and others. While these skills are important, life moves quickly and it’s vital that we consistently check-in on the ways in which we interact. Here, we’ll discuss the importance of pausing to self-reflect on how we communicate. 

How are you communicating with yourself?

This is perhaps the most important form of communication, as we are always in relationship with ourselves. Listen to your inner voices the same way you would listen to a friend in need. Are you taking time to tune into yourself and your needs? Are you practicing self-care and positive self-talk? Are you respecting yourself, being honest with yourself, and communicating with care and curiosity? Check-in on your relationship with yourself. If you find that you’ve been communicating harshly or not listening to yourself in honest and respectful ways, use mindfulness practices to tune in and communicate more effectively. Be kind to yourself. Oftentimes, the way we communicate with ourselves forms the basis for how we interact with others.

How are you communicating with others?

Take note of how you engage with others on a day to day basis. Is it via text messaging, email, in group meetings, one-on-one, or in big groups? Are you happy with your modes and methods of communication and interaction? Are they encouraging growth, wellness, and sustainable recovery? Try not to judge yourself. Simply take an honest inventory of your communicative practices. Are you practicing active listening, assertiveness, and generosity? Check-in, feel it out, and decide what works and what doesn’t. Healthy communication is a process and one of the major bases for health and happiness. You’ve got this!


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