Finding Beauty in the Natural World

Finding Beauty in the Natural World

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We so often strive for pleasure, beauty, and stimulation and forget that it’s all around us, always. Amit Ray said, “Looking at beauty in the world is the first step towards purifying the mind.” Let’s look at how to find beauty in life’s simple pleasures and employ mindfulness techniques to feel more open to noticing life’s simple beauties.

The Outside World Mirrors Our Internal States

You’ve probably heard that things on the outside often mirror what we feel on the inside. The writer Anais Nin once wrote, “We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.” Have you ever noticed that when you’ve had a bad day, the world around you seems awful? You notice the terrible details wherever you go — the litter, the annoying noises, and the lack of joy in peoples’ faces. Likewise, when you’re feeling wonderful, you’re more apt to notice life’s little beautiful moments such as a smile on someone’s face, the smell of the forest, or the sunlight shining through the trees. Well, what if we turned that all around?

Mindfulness, Nature, and Self-love

Engage your senses by spending time in nature, whether that means going to the beach, taking a walk in the local park, or simply lying on the grass. Try to simply notice the world around you without judgment. Observe the way your surroundings feel, smell, and look. If thoughts start to creep in, simply recognize them and let them float on by. When you allow yourself to stop, look around at nature’s simple joys, and engage your senses, you’re more likely to feel the same sense of calm and peace within yourself. Beauty is a state of mind and we just have to open enough to let those little moments in. As humans, we are part of the natural world and so we can use it as an inroad into ourselves — furthering self-love, appreciation, relaxation, and harmony.


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