From Cocaine to Columbia Sportswear: Zac Efron’s Journey Of Sobriety

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You caught a glimpse of his impressive collegiate body in Neighbors and Neighbors 2. You saw him cause mischief and mayhem in Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates. You saw him go up against The Rock Dwayne Johnson with an even more impressive body in the Baywatch remake. It seems like anywhere you see Zac Efron in the movies, you see Zac Efron’s body and hear about his rigorous training lifestyle. When Zac Efron won an MTV Movie Award in 2014, actress Rita Ora came from behind him and ripped his shirt off. Zac, and most of Hollywood, seem proud of what Zac has accomplished. What you rarely hear about regarding Zac Efron’s accomplishment is perhaps his most impressive: he has multiple years of sobriety under his belt.

Rumors of Zac Efron’s struggle with substance abuse, namely cocaine and alcohol, started in 2013 when he made his first of two trips to treatment. Not everyone who goes to treatment for the first time stays sober.

 Though relapse is not required, it can be part of the recovery journey, as it was for Efron. Once he found sobriety that he was willing to work for, he was able to keep it. “What I found is structure,” Efron answered in response to Elle Magazine’s question “How has being sober changed your life?” “That led me to a balance of opposites: You get out of life what you put in.” Zac Efron started putting into life just 5 months after treatment as one of his first returns to social media showed him high above Machu Picchu in Peru.

Later in 2013, Efron appeared on “Running Wild With Bear Grylls” as he was posting more and more pictures on his Instagram of his adventurous outdoor travels. He told the host, “I just really never again want to take anything from the outside to feel comfortable in my present skin, and that takes a lot of work.” He added that meditation is part of his recovery routine, as well as a disciplined lifestyle, which includes all the exercise that helps him maintain his screen-worthy physique, as well as sustain his outdoor adventures.

“When I’m very careful about my fitness and have a goal in mind, it keeps me motivated and balanced,” Efron said in a Men’s Fitness article in 2016. “Balancing sobriety and work and finding that comfortable place where you feel like a good person,” is what matters most to him. That balance has brought him more unique opportunities in his recovery than starring in Blockbuster films. Recently, Zac and his brother Dylan Efron partnered with Columbia Sportswear for part of the outdoor brand’s “Tested Tough” series in which the brothers were sent to Glacier National Park to cross the Continental Divide, an adventure which Efron readily accepted. On the “Tested Tough” website, Efron is quoted expressing, “For me, the clearest way to reconnect with myself—to find myself—is through the wilderness.”

Men at Tree House Recovery, a men’s residential treatment program in Portland, Oregon, learn how to create sustainable recovery in their lives by creating sustainable change. Sustainability is something learned from within oneself and outside oneself by taking a different look at the surrounding world. Spending time in nature and adventure teaches men how to respect the natural environment around them and within them. Efron touches on this to Outside Magazine when discussing his experience with his Columbia adventure, “If we can show people what these places are and why the world is worth saving…It’s just a call out to our generation to get moving.” Later in the interview, Efron explains, “And to be able to be that guy [sic], the one who gets us outside, that’s the guy I want to be.”

Tree House Recovery is a men’s residential treatment program located in Portland, Oregon. Creating sustainable recovery through sustainable change, our programs help men learn how to live sober with adventurous lives. Call us today for information:  (503) 850-2474

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