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Sober Living: Thriving Not Surviving

In Sober Living by Tree House Recovery

In the standardized sequence of different levels of care within addiction treatment, after completing detoxification and inpatient treatment (typically lasting about 30 days), the next and last step in the process is moving into a sober living environment. Because of … Read More

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The Fundamentals of Clean Eating

In Health & Wellness by Tree House Recovery

Because early recovery generally requires and entails that we formulate new behaviors and perspectives that we serve as guideposts for healthy living, we can turn our attention to a facet that is often important to the newly sober individual, learning … Read More

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Where Does it Hurt?- How Your Body Responds to Emotions

In Recovery by Tree House Recovery

Our bodies are capable of handling so much stress. We’ve seen human beings endure absolutely unthinkable physical conditions, illnesses, and more. We’ve seen people hold their physical selves resilient throughout unthinkable stresses, injuries, amputations, cancers, and beyond. This “meat suit” … Read More

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What If I Can’t?

In Uncategorized by Tree House Recovery

Negative thought patterns are something we’re all too familiar with as men in recovery. It was negative thought patterns which likely took us down a rabbit hole of trouble in our using. I can’t do anything right, I’ll never get … Read More

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Mindfulness As Moderation

In Addiction by Tree House Recovery

The author and playwright Oscar Wilde was known for creating infuriatingly witty banter in his dialogues. In his life outside of his writing, Wilde was known to speak in similar semantics. One of his more famous quotes is “Everything in … Read More