Giving Back to the Community

Giving Back to the Community

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The new year is a great time for a lot of activities, and giving back is certainly one of them. For many of us, giving back can be an excellent way to share our recovery journey with others, and to express our gratitude for the strategies we’ve learned in treatment. Helping others because we ourselves have received help– be it by way of support, mentoring, treatment, or something else– is an actionable way of saying thank you. Additionally, giving back and assisting others can help us keep our minds focused and stimulated in our own recovery journeys.

Portland, Oregon offers a number of opportunities for us to give back to the community, and the start of the new year is as great a time as any to take advantage of them.

Food banks in the area always need our support. Many of these nonprofits are almost entirely funded on local donations, and volunteers make up most– if not all– of their staff. Getting plugged into a food bank and preparing food and provisions for the men and women in the area that need it most can be extremely rewarding. A few local food banks that are always in need of volunteers include the Oregon Food Bank, the Sunshine Division, and the local Tualatin School House Pantry.

Another great opportunity to give back to the community lies in several initiatives that operate year-round with the goal of providing support or relief to the disenfranchised or marginalized in the Portland community. A lot of the men and women that these organizations cater to may deal with some of the same stressors that we found ourselves dealing with in addiction, and our presence there, on the other side, serving, could be the motivation they need to seek help. Some of these initiatives include Embrace— an organization that connects embattled children to loving local community members, Clackamas Service Center— an organization devoted to helping families get back on their feet by providing food and shelter, and HandsOn Portland— an arm of the United Way that connects volunteers to service opportunities that range from building a home to caring for abandoned pets.

As men in recovery, every step we take isn’t just a step closer to our goals in our own recovery process. It’s a step that has the potential to inspire someone else that needs help. Giving back to the community helps show others the difference treatment has made for us.

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