Training after Treatment

Training after Treatment

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High intensity training throughout the addiction treatment stage can be tremendously beneficial, and not just because it keeps us in shape. When we train vigorously, our bodies produce huge amounts of endorphins that help us feel better, stronger, and revitalized. Additionally, with training in treatment, we enjoy an outlet for stress and emotions that may arise throughout the process.

The benefits we receive from training don’t have to stop after graduation. In fact, high intensity training can be even more beneficial once we graduate from the initial treatment process and head back out into the real world, because it can act as an outlet for all kinds of stressors any time we need one. Getting into the training circuit back home can also be a great way to make new friends and stay occupied as we adjust to a life in recovery.

As with anything physical, safety is key to making sure we get the most out of our post-treatment workout sessions. By following two simple rules, we can ensure a high quality, high intensity training routine that’s safe, de-stressing, and rewarding.


  • Always use a spotter: When we’re lifting with our brothers at the treatment facility, a spotter is pretty much par for the course. When we graduate, we should make a point to connect with a fellow gym goer or two that can spot us during our sessions. Having a spotter makes sure we stay out of harm’s way, and can get us out of a bind if we need the help.


  • Know your limits: If we’re training to relieve stress or tension, we’re likely going to give it our all. That’s expected and encouraged, but it’s important to know and respect our limits. Adrenaline can be fleeting, and while it might seem like we can lift an amount we’ve never lifted before, it could result in unnecessary injury if we’re not careful. Making a benchmark of spots we’d like to hit and where we were last session can help us form a weight training plan that can help us achieve our goals, see the gains we want to see, and be safe doing it.



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